Want to play a bigger role within the faculty? How about improving your leadership skills? Well now is your chance to get involved with the only national undergraduate pharmacy organization in Canada! CAPSI has various committees for students to join.

General Fundraising

Interested in show production? CAPSI’s Fundraiser is looking to gather a team of individuals in helping create one of our biggest events of the year: Next Top Pharmacist (NTP).

A little background info: NTP, held in a style of a pageant, will contain a series of trials. This varies every year, and can range from a talents showcase, to a white-coat catwalk. The winner of each local NTP will then go on to compete in Canada’s NTP at the upcoming Professional Development Week, held in Edmonton next year!

So, if planning an entertaining night showcasing UBC’s pride and spirit is your thing, apply now to become a part of our Fundraising Committee.

Please contact the Fundraiser ( if you have any questions.

PDW Fundraising

The main duty of the PDW Fundraising Committee is to organize social events and raise money for pharmacy students attending PDW. Members of the Committee have the benefit of receiving partial cost subsidization of Professional Development Week (PDW).

PDW is an annual pharmacy conference where students expand their health care knowledge, apply their practical skills, and gain networking experience with brilliant individuals in the field. Only by becoming a CAPSI member will you have the opportunity to attend such an amazing event.

Apart from receiving partial cost subsidization, members of the PDW 2018 Fundraising Committee will also gain valuable experiences in organizing and executing projects. These experiences will not only look good on your resume, but will also help you succeed in future leadership roles.

Please contact the PDW Fundraiser ( if you have any questions.

Community Outreach

Do you have plenty of ideas for community outreach and improving the face of pharmacy as a profession? Do you want to plan outreach initiatives to schools, health organizations and anything else you can imagine? Do you want to educate the public about health and medication usage, pharmacist roles, hand hygiene, allergies, respiratory health and other topics?

Are you ready to represent UBC student pharmacy to the world?

If you’re ready, we’d love to have you on the CAPSI Community Outreach Committee!

Benefits include:
• Leadership opportunities
• Event organization, proposal writing, and pitching opportunities
• Develop professional relationships with faculty (who will be outreach supervisors/reviewers)
• Teaching and mentoring opportunities
• Liaison experience

Please contact the Community Education Coordinator ( if you have any questions.


This committee’s aim is to encourage members to retain learned course materials and to develop shared review material.

Benefits include:
• Connect with other committed students from all years
• Gain experience developing and giving presentations
• Explore different presentation tools
• Support in reviewing course materials