Council Retreats

CAPSI Retreat 2016

CAPSI Council members conducted a joint retreat with PhUS in Whistler the second weekend of September, 2016. We had a lot of productive meetings and great times were had!


CAPSI Retreat 2013

CAPSI Council members went to Loon Lake for a retreat this September, 2013. It was a great, relaxing, and productive time!

CAPSI Retreat 2012

CAPSI Council members went to Victoria for a retreat this year from Sept 7-8, 2012. It was very productive (meetings and planning), and everyone had a great time!


CAPSI Retreat 2011

Held at AMS Lodge in Whistler from August 29-31, 2011.

CAPSI Council members bonded at the beautiful locale of Whistler and planned all the events for the upcoming year! The retreat was a very productive planning session and council members had a blast monkeying around the MONKIDO course.

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