Award of Professionalism


The CAPSI Award of Professionalism is an annual award that recognizes a pharmacy student who demonstrates high degree of professionalism in pharmacy. The successful recipient will be presented with an engraved plaque and will be recognized at the CAPSI Annual General Meeting in November.

Examples of professionalism includes but are not limited to:

  • Actively promoting the profession
  • Participating in events and initiatives related to pharmacy
  • Developing a new event, initiative, or fundraiser related to pharmacy

Award Eligibility 

The applicant must be a CAPSI General Student Member. Members of the current CAPSI UBC Council or CAPSI National Council are not eligible for the award.


  1. a) All applications must be completed and submitted as a Word document via email by 11:59 PM on Friday, November 25th, 2022, to Mark Seo at No late applications will be accepted.
  2. b) All applicants must also submit two (2) nomination letters signed by two (2) nominators, both of which must be CAPSI General Student Members (excluding the CAPSI Senior, Junior, or Year Representatives).
  3. c) The application form and nomination letters must be typed in Times New Roman font in size twelve (12), with a page maximum of 1 page per question. The margins of the documents must not be altered.

Application Form

Application forms can be downloaded using the link below:



For any questions, please direct them to your Year Representative:

First Year Representative –
Second Year Representative –
Third Year Representative –
Fourth Year Representative –

Previous Award Winners

2000-2001 Julie Hansford
2001-2002 Omar Alasaly
2002-2003 Rita Lung
2003-2004 Eugene Choo
2004-2005 Jinny Cheng
2005-2006 Mattias Berg
2006-2007 Sharon Leung
2007-2008 April Chan
2008-2009 Charles Au
2009-2010 Pamela Fu
2010-2011 Gurinder Grewal
2011-2012 Sandy Mok
2012-2013 Andrea Silver
2013-2014 Kelly Chong
2015-2016 Simon Zhou
2016-2017 Jenny Li
2017-2018 Anna Chen
2018-2019 Riaaz Lalani
2019-2020 Giordano Bua