Compounding Competition

Sponsored locally and nationally by Medisca, Medisca Network, and LP3 Network

The CAPSI Compounding Competition is a great way for pharmacy students to practice and build upon the practical skills they have learned in pharmacy schools across Canada. This competition allows students to work together in teams of 4 to create compounds that are therapeutically active and presented with the utmost pharmaceutical elegance. CAPSI members are encouraged to participate against fellow classmates in this competition for a chance to represent their school at the national PDW Compounding Competition which showcases the competition winners of all the local schools across Canada.

With the increased scope of practice of pharmacists across the country, many pharmacy programs have reduced the amount of training that students get with regards to compounding, so this competition aims to provide more practice for students to build various drug delivery systems, including oral formulations, suppositories and topical applicators. The Compounding Competition mimics the process of formulating a new drug into the most appropriate form for use, including the on-paper calculations and groundwork to ensure the efficacy and safety of a compounded medication to be dispensed. Not only does the competition highlight the discipline and dexterity required to carefully create compounds, but also the teamwork involved in effectively communicating with your peers and the theoretical knowledge you need to perform the necessary calculations.

Student teams compete locally by analyzing and preparing pharmacy compounds. Each winning local team (one from each Faculty of Pharmacy) advances to the National Compounding Competition at PDW.

Each of the members of the winning team (consisting of 4 team members) shall receive shall receive a reserved seat at Professional Development Week (PDW) where they will have the opportunity to compete in the National Compounding Competition.

Local Competition Winners
Year Student 1 Student 2 Student 3 Student 4
2019 Tara Luk Iris Luo Elisa Colasurdo Sydney Butz
2018 David Low Elisa Colasurdo Sydney Butz Sam Chu
2017 Elisa Colasurdo Loreena Pang Simon Qi Simon Zhou
2016 Karen Lok Ziharr Magnaye Lily Yeh Annie Yu
2015 Kevin Chu Cynthia Nhan Ruxin Shen Benny Sio
2014 Jeff Huang Natasha Kwan Kevin Kwok Fiona Kwong

*Also won the National Competition