Patient Interview Competition

MMI Nov 2-11

The CAPSI Patient Interview Competition is a great way to practice your interaction skills in a clinical scenario, and offers student members an opportunity to truly test their professionalism during an interview with a patient in addition to their clinical knowledge of conditions. This is an absolutely necessary skill as a pharmacist in any part of Canada, and nothing will prepare you better for real-life scenarios with actual patients than the Patient Interview Competition.

The competition utilizes a standardized patient to provide the closest simulation to a patient, and the evaluation is carried out by a judge well-versed in interacting with patients. Complete a patient assessment, identify drug-related problems, counsel and document patient interactions and compete to win!

Individual students compete locally by conducting a fifteen minute patient interview, with the goal of identifying and resolving drug-related problems. The winner advances to the National Patient Interview Competition at PDW.

The winner of the patient interview competition shall receive: $150 PDW registration and $100 travel subsidy to be used to travel to the upcoming Professional Development Week to compete in the National Patient Interview Competition.

The winner of the National Patient Interview Competition will receive:

•  1st place: $400
•  2nd place: $300
•  3rd place: $200
•  4th place: $100