Community Outreach

CAPSI Community Education – Community Outreach

The CAPSI Community Outreach program is a great way to get involved. It’s interactive and fun, while maintaining a professional image.

The Programs

In the past, CAPSI offered 5 community education programs:

  • Teva’s Operation: Wash-Up
    Educates children on the benefits of washing hands and how to do it properly (includes handwashing demo with glow-in-the-dark goo and black lights!)
  • Teva’s Operation: Allergy
    Educates children about allergies and how to deal with it
  • Canadian Diabetes Association’s: The Cellbertons
    Educates children on diabetes and how to prevent it
  • Do Bugs Need Drugs? Assisted Living Program
    Targeted at older adults residing in assisted living facilities educate patients on the importance of how to properly wash hands
  • High School Information Sessions

Please contact us ( to see what types of programs we have to offer this year!

One of our Healthy Living Program teams (Ilan Wright, Jasmeen Saini, Arpita Patel, Danielle Laurie, Chris Duke, Michelle Le) promoting a healthy diet and exercise.


Our second Wash Up Bug Out team (Koko Voevoda, Sumaiya Hasan, Elaha Shakirin, Fairuz Siraj) helping elementary school children learn how to properly wash their hands.