Important Notes

Please note that the council members are not limited to the position descriptions below. These are just the minimal requirements for each position. We welcome new ideas that will invigorate the organization as well as the students. We hope that you will go above and beyond that is stated in the position portfolio and make the position your own while you hold it.

CAPSI Senior/Junior Representative

The role of the CAPSI Senior and Junior is to act as a cohesive force between the CAPSI Local Council and the National Council to provide leadership and direction to the Association and to officially represent the Association to other organizations. This position is a two year term which commences as the CAPSI Junior for the first year and proceeds to Senior in the second year after a vote of confidence during the annual CAPSI election.


The role of the Treasurer and Vice-Treasurer is to act as a cohesive force to balance and manage the budget of the CAPSI Local Council. This position is a two year term which commences as the Vice-Treasurer for the first year and proceeds to Treasurer in the second year after a vote of confidence during the annual CAPSI election.


The Secretary is to compile agenda items from the Senior and Junior representatives and distribute the agenda and minutes to all council members. The Secretary is to also take attendance at meetings and to assist with room bookings for CAPSI events.

Sponsorship Coordinator

The Sponsorship Coordinator works closely with external organizations to obtain sponsorship and funding to support CAPSI events and initiatives. They also assist in the planning of events and initiatives. The Sponsorship Coordinator also runs CAPSI Corner which highlights UBC CAPSI student body’s accomplishments.

Community Education Coordinator

Community Education and Outreach Coordinator’s role is to chair the Community Outreach committee. This committee creates initiatives for pharmacy students to use their knowledge to benefit and educate the community through presentations, workshops, and public service.

CAPSI Fundraiser

The CAPSI Fundraiser’s role is to head the Fundraiser committee that organize profitable fundraising activities for the Local Council. They are also to plan the annual UBC’s Next Top Pharmacist event and also an annual stethoscope sale in the summer.

PDW Fundraiser

The PDW Fundraiser heads the PDW Fundraising Committee and organizes a selection of profitable fundraisers for PDW attendees to complete. They must organize a SSRP BBQ during the summer and also design the T-shirt design for the PharmaFacts bowl at PDW.

IPSF Liaison (2)

The IPSF Liaison is to promote the Student Exchange Program by holding an information session, answering questions from students interested in applying, and acting as a liaison between students and the National Student Exchange Officer. They must also actively search for potential host sites in Canada for students to be involved from other countries. They also act as an ambassador with Pharmacists Without Borders (PSF) by providing support in organizing presentations, fundraising, and increasing awareness of the organization.

Advocacy Committee Chair

The advocacy committee chair’s role is to head the CAPSI Advocacy Committee which promotes the pharmacy profession and supports patients, through hosting community clinics and initiatives. Mental health initiatives and hypertension clinics, to name a few, have been held in the past. These projects demonstrate clinical services pharmacists can provide in the community, all while giving students the opportunity to interact with and educate patients on health promotion and disease prevention.

IT Officer/Marketing Coordinator

The IT Officer/Marketing Coordinator is responsible for updating and maintaining the CAPSI Local Council website, including but not limited to uploading meeting minutes, council position profiles, and updates to events. They also must ensure that fees to run the website are paid on time each academic year. In addition, they are in charge of sending out newsletters via Mailchimp. Moreover, they are also run and maintain our local CAPSI’s social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram), regularly posting relevant event-specific information and/or promotional material.

Year Representatives

The Year Representatives are responsible for promoting and handling memberships for their respective classes. They also must make announcements to their class regarding all CAPSI events and to encourage attendance.

The Year Representatives is also in charge of organizing and finding judges for the local competitions (2nd Year = compounding, 3rd Year = PIC, 4th Years = OTC and SLC).