UBC’s Next Top Pharmacist

Sponsored locally by Modo Yoga & Loafe Cafe

Canada’s Next Top Pharmacist is a competition between pharmacy students of various years and is held in a style similar to pageant. There are different trials within the competition, and these feats of pharmaceutical knowledge and elegance can vary from school to school. Some examples are: white coat “catwalk”, talent and skills showcase, charades and a dance-off. The event is a platform for students to show off their pharmaceutical skills, knowledge and personal talents, but mostly their enthusiasm and sense of fun! The selection of candidates, the build-up to the competition and the promo videos help foster a sense of community and spirit.

This event, held across all pharmacy schools across Canada, provides a humorous and social atmosphere for the students to take a break from their academic studies, mingle with others, and really just have a fun filled evening! A last night out with friends, before hitting the books for the final exams!

The winner of the local Canada’s Next Top Pharmacist or Mr. Pharmacist competition is invited to compete at the following Professional Development Week for the ultimate title of Canada’s Next Top Pharmacist. Featuring contestants from all pharmacy schools across Canada, we aim to answer one vital question: Who deserves the final crown?

Local Competition Winners
Year Student
2019 Nicholas Sosulski
2018 Winnie Bao
2017 Craig Hu
2016 Arthur Chen
2015 Viktor Kalashnikov
2014 Joe Geneau

*Also won the National Competition




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