Student Literary Challenge

Sponsored nationally by the Canadian Pharmacists Association 

The CAPSI Student Literary Challenge is an opportunity for students to share their insights into subjects that are of current interest to the pharmacy practice. The pharmacy profession is dynamic and multifaceted, and there are a wide number of topics relevant to the practice that are deserving of our attention. As pharmacy students, you have a unique perspective on the issues that are important to future pharmacists, and we would love to hear them! With the changing role of the profession, it becomes more important than ever to explore how pharmacists can influence the community at large. Submit a pharmacy related article on a topic of your choice to the CAPSI SLC! The winning article from your school will be entered into the national SLC competition, for a chance to be recognized nationally across Canada.

Through the increased scope of practice that pharmacists are attaining across Canada, the SLC also provides pharmacy students with a chance to advocate for changes that they wish to see within the profession. This competition aims to identify unique and innovative leaders within the community who wish to inspire change within pharmacy.

Local Competition Winners
Year Student
2019 Riaaz Lalani
2018 Nicholas Sosulski
2017 Thomas Tsuei
2016 Reanne Li*
2015 Louise Lau*
2014 Jessica Tran

*Also won the National Competition