Pharmacists Without Borders

Your local CAPSI IPSF Liaisons are proud to announce the Pharmaciens Sans Frontières (PSF)/Pharmacists Without Borders initiative coming to UBC Pharmacy.

Founded in 1994 and officially recognized as a nonprofit organization, PSF Canada is the Canadian branch of the international relief agency recognized by the United Nations, WHO and recipient of the Distinguished Practice Award of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP).

This is a humanitarian movement of pharmacists that helps people in need to organize the distribution networks and the management of essential drugs. In addition to its projects, PSF Canada is also a pharmaceutical reference to other NGOs and works with them in joint projects.

The essential role of PSF Canada as part of a development mission is to educate and train in order to help. In developing countries, the supply of essential medicines remains one of the main points that will determine the success of primary health care. However, the problems related to the selection of essential medicines, their proper use and transmission of relevant information, as well as management mechanisms fail to make drugs available to all patients. One of our contributions is the establishment of drug formularies.

In addition to Canada, local chapters of Pharmacists Without Borders exist in several European countries including France, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, Spain, Holland and Belgium.

Speak to your local IPSF Representative to find out more on how to get involved.