Over the Counter Competition


Sponsored by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

The CAPSI “Over-the-Counter” competition is an excellent opportunity for pharmacy students to apply their OTC knowledge to clinical situations. Participate in this competition and practice counseling on commonly seen self-selection products AND compete to win! The purpose of this competition is to aid students in the development of skills required for the practice of pharmaceutical care, particularly involving OTC medications.

Of the steps required to perform this exercise, the development of patient rapport will be the skill that receives the most attention. This is not meant to discount the importance of the other steps, but rather to emphasize the step that often receives the least attention in the classroom. Further, by focusing on this aspect of pharmaceutical care, CAPSI hopes to show the student its necessity and the fact that the practice of pharmaceutical care would be impossible without it.

Individual students compete locally and nationally by conducting a 10 minute patient interview with the goal of identifying OTC drug-related problems, making recommendations as well as proper counselling.

The winner at each school shall receive:$250 and a reserved seat at Professional Development Week (PDW) where they will have the opportunity to compete in the National OTC competition.

The winner of the National OTC Competition will receive:

•  1st place: $400
•  2nd place: $300
•  3rd place: $200
•  4th place: $100