Members Login

CAPSI members are entitled to some members-exclusive benefits including:

  • Discount on all printing services at Staples
  • Agrohealth iMCQ discounts
  • CAPSI National Elections

To access some of these benefits, you can log in here with your CPhA username and password. Your CPhA account must be registered as an associate status to be access the page.

If you are having issues registering for mobile RxTx, please see the following PDF that provides some instruction: CAPSI Mobile RxTX Login

Trouble Shooting

  1. Go to the CPhA website to either register or log in
  2. If you have a CPhA account already but you are not listed as an associate, click the “Register as a CPhA Associate” link
  3. If you are already a CPhA associate, go to the CAPSI members log-in portal and log in using your CPhA account